Destination of the Personal Income Tax – IRPF – could enhance rural entrepreneurship

6 . APR . 2022 Releases

April 2022 – Did you know that it is possible to support social projects when you file a federal income tax return? The Growing Up Right Institute is one of the entities that could benefit from the donations via Personal Income Tax Return. By opting for a complete Personal Income Tax Return, taxpayers can destine 3% to the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, even if they are entitled to receivables.

Nowadays, the programs of the Institute are funded, almost in their entirety, by the associate tobacco companies. The investment is high and is captured from other resources, just like the established partnerships, which contribute considerably to the success of the Institute. By donating to the Municipal Fund, your income tax remains in the municipality and makes a difference in the lives of many children and adolescents”, comments Iro Schünke, executive director of the entity.

The resources coming via Personal Income Tax Return have been a good contribution towards providing assistance to rural adolescents included in the programs of the Growing Up Right Institute, as for example, the Rural Professional Learning Program and activities geared towards assisting former participants.


At the moment people file their annual Income Tax Return, they are allowed to make donations limited to 3% of the tax payable. This donation can be done directly on the Personal Income Tax Return form. To this end, the only thing to do is to access the entry form “Direct Income Tax Return Donations” and choose the tab “Children and Adolescents”, click “new” and choose the type of “municipal” fund, and define the municipality and inform the value (respecting the 3-percent limit), ending it with OK. For the Growing Up Right Institute to be benefited, it is necessary to select the city where the Institute is based (Santa Cruz do Sul), or one of the municipalities where the Rural Professional Learning Program is being conducted: Cerro Branco, Canguçu, Paraíso do Sul, Passo do Sobrado, Progresso, Rio Pardo or São Lourenço do Sul (RS)

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE – On the initiative of the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) and its associate companies, the Growing Up Right Institute took shape in 2015 with support and adhesion from people involved with education and with the fight against child labor, especially in tobacco producing areas, in the South Region of the Country. Ever since it was launched, the Institute has already benefited approximately 600 rural adolescents, and is nationally acknowledged for its initiatives in the fight against child labor. Know more about the Institute at:

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