Brazilian tobacco is already a product of high standard of quality and integrity, but now it can count on an official seal that certifies that the production was obtained in a safe and sustainable way, with reduced environmental impact, greater social responsibility and guaranteed traceability. This is Integrated Tobacco Production, an official program of the Brazilian government established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). The Integrated Production system regulates the procedures applied to the production process, through traceability procedures, in order to guarantee to the consumer market the level of quality and safety of the product. From the certification it becomes feasible to prove the origin and the methods used in the generation of the products, through formal and auditable records, on principles of sustainability of the productive systems and their direct relation with the demands, environmental, economic and social. Know the main benefits.

  • Producers: Opportunity to reduce production costs, differentiated production and assurance of continuity in the market;
  • Processing industries: Recognition in sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility and greater competitive differential in the global market;
  • Clients: Higher degree of safety in relation to product quality, waste according to Brazilian and international standards, and guarantee of traceability and sustainability of processes.