This first-of-its-kind program has been conducted since the year 2000, through widely publicized pre-defined itineraries, under the support of Afubra, collection points in the rural areas of tobacco growing municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina are visited on a yearly basis. In the State of Paraná, similar initiatives carried out by local centers rely on the support from the tobacco companies affiliated with SindiTabaco.

Besides complying with Article 53 of Government Act 4,074, of 4th March 2002, which sets forth that “all users of agrochemicals and the like must return the empty containers, with their respective lids, to the shops that supplied them, in accordance with the instructions on the label, within a year of the time of purchase”, the program also allows for the collection of chemical containers utilized on crops other than tobacco.

Packaging collection follows a previously-set chronogram, vastly announced in the media, as well as by the technical staffs of the companies. The growers that join the program and deliver their triple-rinsed packaging are given a receipt, later to be presented to the environment inspection organs. (Photo: Carlos Nyland)

Confirmed Route

SUL RS – 15/05 A 28/07/2023

NOROESTE RS – 31/07 A 17/08/23

The Empty Chemical Container Collection Program [21 years]