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April 2022 – In order to share with education professionals paths to develop activities that arouse entrepreneurial spirit, the Growing Up Right Institute has just started a third group of the Best Entrepreneurship practices for Education, run in partnership with the municipality of Canguçu, in the South of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

The Initiative consists in sharing methodological tools tested and approved by the pedagogical team of the Rural Professional Learning Program. The venue of the on-site meetings is the Canguçu City Cultural and Educational Association. In all, 15 schoolmasters, from 15 municipal rural schools, take part in the initiative that happens until the month of November.

There will be six on-site meetings, devoted to address such key issues as self-knowledge, empathy and communication, technology, innovation, observation and organization. Furthermore, during the entire educational period, the schoolmasters count on the remote advisory service provided by the program’s reference educator, making it possible to plan and carry out practical education-oriented entrepreneurial experiences in their schools. The 2022 edition will also include visits of institution representatives to educational institutions that are members of the program.

“This third group in Canguçu will have the opportunity to consolidate the Program in its original format, with on-site meetings with both the group of schoolmasters and their School classmates”, comments educator Adriano Emmel who conducted the experiences of the two first groups in online format, in 2020, and hybrid format, in 2021.

In his view, the living experiences play an important role for the educators to express their reflections on the methodology and for them to understand how they can make a difference in the lives of the students. “When educators enrich their school lessons considering the relationship between entrepreneurial spirit and education, they are able to inspire the students to put ideas into practice or act in a manner to make their dreams come true” Emmel declares.

According Iro Schünke, president-director of the Institute, the program arose out of the joint diagnosis between educators and Institute partners. “We perceived to what extent the entrepreneurial spirit towards education takes a significant share in the qualification of the adolescents, in the development of the ever more necessary skills in contemporary society, such as autonomy, capacity to adapt to new situations and create solutions. The previous experiences yielded excellent results and there is mounting expectation for the fruits that will be reaped in 2022”, he stresses.

The activities carried out in the program will reach the highest point at the Exhibition of Best Pedagogical Practices. The event has been scheduled for second fortnight of November, with the socialization of the activities conducted by the schoolmasters over the year.

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE – An initiative by the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) and its associate companies, the Growing Up Right Institute took shape in 2015, with support and adhesion from people involved with education and with the fight against child labor, especially in tobacco farming areas, in the South Region of the Country. Ever since it was launched, the Institute has already benefited approximately 600 rural adolescents and is nationally acknowledged for its initiatives against child labor. Know more about the Institute at:

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