SindiTabaco completes 73 years of operation

21 . JUN . 2020 Releases

June 2020 – Founded on June 24, 1947, the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) completes 73 years of operation, on Wednesday. With its place of business in Santa Cruz do Sul (RS), huge tobacco production and procession hub in Brail, the main principles of the Union include communication, regulatory matters and sector sustainability.

“Representing the common interests of our 13 associate companies is what drives the Union. Within this context, our major involvements are initiatives promoted in the South Region, but we also take part in debates at national level when the themes interfere with the supply chain, which include cases like contraband and regulatory matters, as well as matters related to social and environmental responsibilities”, Iro Schünke, president of the entity since 2006, concludes.

The highlights of the initiatives by the Union include the development and the approval of special tobacco harvest clothing, aimed at protecting farmers’ health and safety, thus preventing them from the Green Tobacco Sickness.  Still in the area of farmers’ health and safety, since the year 2000, SindiTabaco has been running an itinerant empty pesticide container collection program.  The program started prior to the 2002 legislation that made it mandatory to return all empty pesticide containers.

Equally, for more than two decades now, the Union has been fighting child labor. Recently, the entity created the Growing Up Right Institute, which provides adolescents in the countryside with opportunities for them to stay and develop in the countryside, through income generating initiatives, and actions geared towards the development of skills and potentialities. With its pioneer Rural Professional Learning Program, the entity offers courses focused on entrepreneurship and rural management, with professional education based on the Learning Law.

“The initiatives of the sector are real milestones in the fight against child labor in Brazil’s South Region. The institute is good help, and leads to an important tool that is still scarce in the lives of the young rural farmers: opportunities”, Schünke, director president of the entity, stresses.


Iro Schünke, president

Edenir Gassen, Secretariat vice-president

Daniel de Moura Barbosa, Finance vice-president

Valmor Thesing, Industral Relations vice-president (Human resources)

Roberto Naue, vice-president at Fiscal Matters

Carlos Roberto Vieira Palma, Production and Tobacco Quality vice-president

Guatimozin Santos de Oliveira Filho, Environmental Management and Social Responsibility vice-president

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