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11 . AUG . 2021 Releases

August 2021 – Since August 2, five former students of the Growing Up Right Institute, aged 16 and 17, have been taking part in the Program Us for Them – The female voice in the countryside. In its fifth edition, the program, run by the Growing Up Right Institute, is aimed at empowering the former students of the Rural Professional Learning Program in the area of communication. The initiative is also intended to stimulate a reflection on the role of women in the countryside.

The weekly meetings are being held in hybrid format and the closing is scheduled for the month of October. There will be two face-to-face meetings a week at the premises of the University and there will be virtual meetings and research/data collection activities by the girls in their communities.

“The reflections on the study of the themes related to the question of gender will be conducted during the month of August. In the sequence, we will have the definition of the approaches under the guidance of professionals from the Institute and from the communication courses at Unisc, defining the road maps and the recordings”, explains educator Maria da Graça Vieira, who keeps an eye on the activities. Just like in other editions, the materials produced will be broadcast on radio, in programs of entities that work in partnership with the Institute.

A survey of the 2020 participants detected a high level of satisfaction. Asked about the main changes perceived after attending the Program Us fo Them”, the former students cited the greater appreciation of rural women (100%), a better grasp of the role of women in society (80%), the importance of female leadership (80%), a better understanding of the importance of communication (60%) and knowledge of women’s rights (60%).


Elisangela Inês de Carvalho Vera Cruz
Hayssa Nathália da Silva Severo Sinimbu
Janaina Isabel da Cruz Vale do Sol
Luana Schmidt Jochims Passo do Sobrado
Suzan Gabrielle da Mota Thomas Vera Cruz


ABOUT THE “US FOR THEM” – To view the world with more respect for gender diversity is one of the objectives of the Us for Them Program – The female voice in the countryside. The project seeks to value and improve the personal development skills of the former students of the Rural Professional Learning Program, promote a reflection about the question of gender, along with the exchange of experiences, improving their communication skills, acting like multipliers of knowledge, thus benefiting young rural youth and the community. In four editions, 32 young people have already been prepared to act as multipliers of themes sensitive to the reality of the girls in the countryside.

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