Growing Up Right Institute renews partnership with seven municipalities

31 . MAR . 2021 Releases

March 2021 – In 2020, the Growing Up Right Institute needed to implement some significant adjustments to the format of its Entrepreneurship and Rural Management course by virtue of the pandemic. The onsite activities conducted in the opposite shift of the normal classes were replaced with a remote learning model. Prior to year end, the entity, along with the associate companies that hire the apprentices, and the partner municipalities, approved a complementary course in 2021 to be attended by the same 2020 young apprentices, providing for the experiences that proved impossible during the remote activities.

In 2020, 141 young people were assisted. On a monthly basis, they received Study Plans that included the minimum hourly load set forth by the course. The material was structured based on the contents of the Entrepreneurship and Rural Management course. In 2021, at least 136 adolescents will have an employment contract as young apprentices with the industries associated with the Institute. The apprentices come from the seven municipalities that renewed their partnership with the Institute and offer logistic support and regular meals, as well as enough room for them to carry out their activities. The municipalities are as follows: Boqueirão do Leão, Canguçu, Cerro Branco, Herveiras, Passo do Sobrado, Santa Cruz do Sul and Sinimbu.

In Canguçu, a virtual act, organized by the municipal administration, marked the official renewal of the partnership between the municipality and the Institute on Monday, March 22. “Here in the municipality, the majority of the participants come from tobacco producing families, and this initiative highlights the social responsibility of this supply chain. The model created by the Institute sets an example to other agribusiness sectors, and is focused on strength and the creation of opportunities that increasingly develop the same municipalities”, Pegoraro commented.

Per municipality, there will be 23 participants in the complementary course that will consist of a total of 800 hours. In the view of the vice-mayor and Secretary of Education and Culture of Canguçu, Cledemir de Oliveira Gonçalves, it is an opportunity for qualification and much learning for the young rural people, but without overlooking the fight against child labor in the rural areas.

“By taking the Institute to the South Region of our State, we were concerned about the distance from our head office, based in Santa Cruz do Sul. But this problem was  immediately dissipated by the dedication of the municipal executive with regard to education. The pandemic was a barrier against onsite relationships, but much was done, and an example of this was the pilot of Best Practices and Entrepreneurship in Education, which was made possible thanks to the initiative by the municipal administration. “Our message to the young people who are going to attend the course is that we sincerely wish they embrace this opportunity with much dedication”, Sergio Rauber, Administrative Director of the Growing Up Right Institute, comments.

The reference educator of the Canguçu group, Adriano Emmel, dwelled on the practices of the course, and believes it will be a year to acquire deeper knowledge. “Our expectation is for the young to have onsite experiences at some moments of the course. The scenario still requires a virtual resumption, but we hope that with the strides made by the vaccination program the resumption of onsite meetings will take place soon”, Emmel says.

Taissa Beiersdorff Böhlke, young apprentice of the Canguçu group in 2020, is going to take the complementary course. “The Institute has provided us a new opportunity, after a challenging year when we managed to get connected and never gave up learning. There is rising expectation, our desire is to learn more and more”, she admitted.

KNOW MORE – Initiative by the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) and its associate companies, the Growing Up Right Institute took shape in 2015 with support and adhesion from people involved with education and with the fight against child labor, especially in tobacco growing regions, in the South Region of the Country. Since 2016, the ­ Rural Professional Learning Program has already benefited 474 young rural people of 11 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. The Program is a pioneer in that it offers professional learning with no need for the young to leave the countryside or their school, qualifying adolescents in the entrepreneurship and rural management course. According to the Learning Law, the apprentices receive a salary proportional to 20 hours a week – the hourly load of the course that takes place in the shift opposite to regular school hours – and at the end of the course they are duly certified. However, instead of working for the companies, these apprentices, aged 14 – 17, carry out their theoretical activities at the premises of the school, while their practical activities take place both in the environment of the course and in their communities, highly motivated and with every condition to produce knowledge. Those who want to attend the course have to attend a regular school. This keeps the adolescents occupied at the course and in their schools, staying away from activities unfit for their age. To know more about the activities of the Institute, please access

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