Growing Up Right Institute receives Brazil Child-Friendly Award

19 . NOV . 2021 Releases

November 2021 – The Growing Up Right Institute is going to receive, this Friday, November 19, the Brazil Child-Friendly Award, which is promoted by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH), through the National Secretariat for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (SNDCA). The practice “Professional Learning as an alternative of the fight against child labor in the rural area” came in the first place in the category Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents, with a grade 80, the highest among all the participants of the seven categories of the announcement.

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at 3 o’clock p.m., in Brasília. The Growing Up Right Institute will be represented at the event by its chief executive officer Iro Schünke, and by manager Nádia Fengler Solf. According to Schünke, this acknowledgement at national level reflects the dimension achieved by the initiatives of the Institute in its relentless pursuit in creating life opportunities for rural youth. “We are very happy and it encourages us to spare no effort in creating opportunities for young people to continue expanding their horizons”, he said.

According to the chief executive, though in operation for only a few years, the Institute has already become a reference at home and abroad due to the results achieved from the unprecedented initiative in enforcing the Apprentice Law on behalf of rural education. “The acknowledgement of such an important national organ as the Ministry of Human Rights, is the seal of approval we had already been realizing on the part of the apprentices, their families and  communities where the Institute has operations”, he comments. “Our trajectory continues pursuing the same purposes, along with expansion plans, always with the aim to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world”, he adds.

ABOUT THE GROWING UP RIGHT – Created in 2015, the Growing Up Right Institute is an initiative of the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) and its associate companies, and is deeply involved in the Rural Professional Learning Program, pioneer in innovative manner to enact the Apprentice Law on behalf of rural youth. These young people are entitled to a proportional salary and, instead of working at the companies, they attend an entrepreneurship course. In 2020, the Institute had already received a national prize: it was honored with the Innovare Award, promoted by the Innovare Institute, whose higher Council is made up of representative associations  highly esteemed in the legal environment, like the associations of Federal Judges of Brazil, Public Defenders, Federal Attorneys, Labor Judges, Justice Councils and Brazilian Bar Association.

Brazil Child-Friendly Award –

Its aim is to select, reward and disseminate the best practices in the promotion and reinforcement of the rights of children and adolescents in support of the implementation of public polices focused on human rights. Besides the category Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents (at which the Growing Up Right Institute won the first place), the others are as follows: Humanitarian Emergencies and Calamities; Prevention and Confrontation of all Forms of Violence, Political Incidence, Social Control and Participation in Councils; Native Children, Quilombolas and Traditional Communities; Children and Adolescents with Disabilities; Reinforcement of families’ protective skills.

The award winning ceremony will be broadcast live on the channel of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, on youtube:

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Photo: Junio Nunes 

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