Growing Up Right Institute launches program focused on education-oriented entrepreneurship

6 . OCT . 2020 Releases

October 2020 – The Best Practices Pilot Program in Education-Oriented Entrepreneurship, launched by the Growing Up Right Institute, in partnership with the municipal administration of Canguçu, in the South of Rio Grande do Sul, is now going on. The initiative consists in sharing real methodological tools, tested and approved by the pedagogical team of the Rural Professional Learning Program.

With an hour load of 40 hours in the pilot program adapted to the July – December 2020 online format, the main objective of the program is to make it possible for the participants, professionals of the educational area, to broaden their knowledge for acting with an entrepreneurial spirit in education. Sharing the pedagogical instruments and methodology that have been utilized with the young apprentices since 2016, the institute hopes to qualify professors that multiply these best practices in order to have their students engaged in entrepreneurial attitudes inside and outside the classroom.

According to the manager of the Institute, Nádia Fengler Solf, it was a contact with the municipal administration of Canguçu that gave rise to the program. “We were urged to contribute in some way with the entrepreneurship theme at work in countryside schools in the full shift implemented by the municipality. As we were already thinking of sharing our pedagogical tools with the teachers of the partner municipalities, we challenged our team to come up with the project”, she comments.

The pilot team in Canguçu, comprises teachers of the final grades of the Fundamental School, from countryside schools with a full shift or with the Growing Up Right Institute’s Learning Program. With support coming from the pedagogical team of the Municipal Secretariat of Education, Sports and Culture of Canguçu, the pilot team attracted the adhesion of 14 teachers from nine countryside schools. “We started the project in Canguçu with teachers from the 10 schools that have adhered to the Canguçu Countryside Educational Project-EDUCCAN, morning and afternoon shift. It is a very positive initiative, with the purpose to enrich the work of the teachers, providing moments of knowledge building and sharing, especially at this atypical moment of remote learning we are experiencing”, Nora Cátia da Silveira Oliveira, coordinator of the Countryside Schools in Canguçu – Pedagogical Nucleus, commented.

Conducted by social educator Adriano Emmel, in Canguçu, the program was planned to be attended in person, but due to the pandemic it was remodeled and the meetings are conducted virtually. In each learning moment, limited by thematic axes, an online meeting occurs and, later, a period for applying the experiences, which are actions to be carried out in the school where the teacher works. “The current scenario, under the influence of the pandemic, is very challenging. Approaching the theme of entrepreneurship for the purpose of education and the experience of actions urges us to find a new meaning for the moment and project possibilities for a return to a normal scenario”, Emmel commented.

According to Emmel, the development of the first axes of the program prompted the debate on the importance of self-knowledge, creativity, communication, protagonism, empathy, creation of links, among other themes. “And, mainly the manner of operationalizing these themes in the pedagogical realm, with the use of leaning objects and environments. The first results, experience returns, are quite encouraging, we ascertained that the group in the spirit of entrepreneurship in educational efforts, proposed actions and in its pedagogical practice”, he argues.

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE – An initiative of the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) and its associate companies, the Growing Up Right Institute was created on 23 April 2015, with support and adhesion of people involved with education and with the fight against child labor, especially in tobacco growing regions, in South Brazil. In five years, the Institute has already qualified 333 young rural farmers at its Rural Management and Entrepreneurship course. Currently, 141 young apprentices take part in the Rural Professional Learning Program. In 2020, the Institute also launched a special edition of the Us from Them Program – the Female Voice in the Countryside, focused on all former girl apprentices. Know more about it at

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