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16 . SEP . 2021 Releases

September 2021 – Four girls who attended the Rural Professional Learning Program of the Growing Up Right Institute are the owners of the voices of the 2021 edition of the Us for Them – The Female Voice in the Countryside”. Since early August they have been doing research, as a part of the studies  and collection of information carried out in their communities, along with two on-site meetings at the Communication laboratories of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc).

Besides getting a good technical knowledge on how to organize itineraries and recordings for radio programs, there are reflections on matters linked to the female conditions in the countryside, and the conditions of young people living in rural settings. According to educator Maria da Graça Vieira, after analyzing and considering the realities of the women, the adolescents opted for doing research on three themes: women in matters related to decision-making, psychological violence and ageing. “The themes were chosen by them because they are exactly what reality is like and because they represent the female demands in the countryside”, she explains.

The name of the  girls of the Us for Them are as follows: Hayssa Nathália da Silva Severo, from Sinimbu (RS); Janaina Isabel da Cruz, from Vale do Sol (RS); Luana Schmidt Jochims, from Passo do Sobrado (RS); and Suzan Gabrielle da Mota Thomas, from Vera Cruz (RS). For them, the program represents the gate that leads them to a new world. Besides their experience in the research and learning processes of a university, they have the opportunity to act as spokespersons of the young and women in the countryside through radio bulletins, which are aired in programs conducted by entity partners of the Growing Up Right Institute and by digital internet platforms.

Young Hayssa Nathália da Silva Severo, 17, had already known the Us for Them since 2019, when she was a Young apprentice and for the first time heard about the bulletins conducted by previous former students. “In one of the seminars there was a demonstration of how the girls recorded the programs, reading an itinerary created by them. I have always been interested, that’s why I am very happy to be a part of the “Us for Them” this year. “It is in fact an incredible experience to acquire knowledge of several areas, especially about communication and the role of women”, she explains.

In Hayssa’s view, it is relevant to do research on the role of women when it comes to matters like making decisions, the various types of violence, women in political roles, and on how they were treated when there were no laws that protected women. “A very important question is the fact that different points of view and different opinions emerge, because in our group each girl comes from a different municipality”, she comments. “Furthermore, taking this knowledge to the communities in a very simple and understandable way is important for people to get updated and improve their knowledge and have more arguments”, she adds.


The 2021 edition of the “Us for Them” will come to an end in late October, when the bulletins are released. In the view of the manager of the Growing Up Right Institute, Nádia Fengler Solf, the themes chosen by the girls are really relevant and mirror their reality. “It is one more prominent group that will generate contents that cause impacts, besides the lives of the participants themselves, as well as for lots of other young people, women and other people, especially the listeners to the radio programs  of our publicity partners of the bulletins, which are Afubra and the Rural Workers’ Union”, she explains.

According to Nádia, the partnership with the UNISC is also of extreme relevance, because the girls have access to the knowledge of the professionals of the communication course and to the structure of the university to prepare the girls through deep discussions about relevant themes and, sometimes, very sensitive and hardly ever approached. “This is how quality contents are generated, geared towards the rural communities with voices of young girls from the rural settings”, she adds. “To us, it is a great satisfaction to have one more certified group and we are sure that the contents being produced will be very valuable”, she stresses.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Since the creation of the program, four editions (in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020) have been produced, in which 32 young girls were trained to become multipliers of themes very sensitive to the reality of women in the countryside. The first three ones occurred within the premises of the university. And in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a special edition was presented entirely online. The bulletins of all the other editions can be accessed at site Crescer Legal. Click HERE and listen.

Photos: Junio Nunes

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